Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Two weeks ago I shared my mood board for our entryway here. I had since moved along
to purchase the chandelier and console and I could not wait their arrival. Unfortunately, 
the console arrived damaged and the chandelier was too big (oops). So now, I am back to square
one. Figured I would start with the light fixture and move on from there — one step at a time.
These are a couple I have my eye on.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


1  //  2  //  3

Discovered Jessie Baylin earlier this year and was immediately drawn to her throwback-retro
sound. Her voice is so effortless and her latest, Little Spark, is the perfect record to throw on
to set a laid-back vibe. She also has killer style — it's kinda like rock n' roll basics with lots of 
leather, boots, and simple tees.

:: LUST ::

shirt  //  necklace  //  leather jacket  //  boots  //  jeans  //  ring  //  sunglasses

:: MUST ::

necklace  //  jacket  //  jeans  //  shirt  // ring //  boots  //  sunglasses

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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For as long as we have been in this house, ( 5 years ) we have never had a properly put together
entry way. We are coming to the close with getting settled in our new space and I only have a couple more areas of the house that need attention. 

The entry way of the house sets the mood for the rest. Ours has been a bad impression for years. Because of our lack of space before it always lent it's self as a catch all — which is terrible to see all that mess when you walk through the door. I put this mood board together to get my thoughts focused on this space. 

Bud Vase  //  End Table  //  Console  //  Book

Monday, November 4, 2013


northern grade  //  dinner in the woods  //  flower girl  //  smile  //  heart  //  manger  //  truth

Today I am going to share the rest of the Greenheart Wellness logo process. I know I said it before,
but working with this client was so great. Projects like this is what makes me fall in love with graphic design all over again. About the mood board above — this concept is called "Connected to Nature" and this is the board from which the brand started. The client really liked how this concept connected back to her tagline of "Health. Healing. Growth." The aspect of nature also ties in well with the company name — Greenheart Wellness.

These are a couple of the concepts presented to the client for this mood board and in the 
end we used different elements from these ideas to complete the final logo.

So there ya' have it — the final logo for Greenheart Wellness. Next, we are working on a
brand board to really bring the brand to life. I think this client is going to do some amazing
things with her program and I cannot wait to see what comes next.