Monday, October 28, 2013


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It is always a thrill when I am able to partner up with awesome client and create something
wonderful. Over the past month and a half I have been working on a logo & branding for a
new company called Greenheart Wellness. I am so excited to share the final logo — but first
we are gong to take a look at the  moodboards and logos for the concepts we didn't end up using. 

The concept above is called "Fresh + Clean" — which is a bright and airy approach to highlight
the tagline "Health. Healing. Growth". I used simple typography with an organic twist — paired
with a color palette inspired by the vibrant greens in nature.

Originally, the client thought she would choose a logo from this concept based on the
mood board. I really liked how simple these logos are — they really pushed me out of my
comfort zone.

yoga  //  stamp  //  hand writing  //  free  //  &  //  heart  //  type

This next concept is called "Boho at Heart" and was based mostly on the human touch.
Hand drawn type and elements were used to give an emotional and tangible connection.

These logos were meant to be a little more playful and have a little more energy.
I really like the idea of heart made of hand drawn type.

A third concept was also presented and that is the one that we moved forward with to
establish her brand. Check back on Wednesday to see the final logo.

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