Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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We are still in the beginning phases of the addition, but it is never too soon to start thinking 
of the end result. There is house I have always admired on North Avenue that is dark navy with 
cream trim. I'm gonna try and snag a photo of it in the next couple weeks…but in the meantime 
I have been researching dark exteriors around the web. Our house is really none of the styles seen 
here but I think we can make this work. I'm thinking a dark charcoal grey with even darker trim and 
a chartreuse door. We also need to stain our front porch and I'm thinking the warm wood tones in 
the third photo will be the perfect match!


  1. im a sucker for all things white but these examples are done so well its almost enough to change my mind about white! the green door looks great against the dark backround :)



    1. I love the all white look too...we might even be going back to white option!