Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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I have always admired Lily Alridge's comfortable cool style. Don't even get me started 
on her is perfection. Lily always has on the perfect t-shirt and I have been on the 
hunt to add some staple tees to my wardrobe.

I was beyond thrilled when I heard she has collaborated with Velvet Tees to design 
some pieces. Some of which happened to be simple tees! So I jumped ahead and ordered the 
Caleb Tee in Ink Drop and White & the Leslie Luxe tank top in neon pink. Hopefully I will 
like silhouettes and I may have jumped the gun...I just had a feeling these would be good. 


  1. Great post - I'd love a report on the tees when you get them - I'm in need of some that are great enough to wear under a blazer with a pair of skinnies and these look like they might fit the bill.

    1. I will definitely give a report once I get them. I hope they are good!