Tuesday, February 26, 2013



So some exciting things are happening over here at the ware.house...

We have been talking about adding on to our home for serval years and now 
it is actually happening. Someone pinch me. The addition includes a dinning room and 
master suite. Nothing has me more excited than thinking about designing the interior 
of our new space.

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The first thing we need to decide on is the new bathroom. It will not be a huge space but 
I am hoping that since we are building it from the ground up we can customize it to make the 
space work best for us. I am currently at a crossroads in design styles. I'm thinking somewhere 
between french modern and rustic modern.

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The mix may sound strange but I am thinking we can make it work. We are going to tile 
the entire bathroom since we are going to do an open shower concept. The walls will be 
white subway tiles and the floors will be white hexagon tiles. The thing that has me stumped 
is the vanity. I went on a massive search this weekend hoping to find some solutions and 
I got nothin. All of the standard ones at Home Depot and such are so boring and cheap looking 
and the gorgeous beauties at Restoration Hardware cost an arm and a leg. I would like to find a 
dresser or credenza and convert it but with work and life in general I'm thinking I would be 
adding major stress on myself. Although it seems like the only option—HELP!


  1. This is so exciting! Love the inspo. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. I will definitely be updating on the blog. Once it is all said and done...you will have to come see it in person!