Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Our living is s l o w l y coming together. The furniture is about half new stuff and half 
my collage stuff. The collage stuff has got to go. Both of the couches are from Ikea and not 
that Ikea is bad but they make some tiny ass couches. A new couch is in the line up for 2013 
and it kinda has me re-thinking the whole living room to make it more functional and cohesive. 

My dream wish*list looks a little like this…

04:: Rhys Chair  |  05:: Gold Piggy Bank  |  06:: Pharmacy Floor Lamp

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  1. girl we are in this dilemma right now...only our couch is to freakin' big for our space. And why o' why do new couches have to be so expensive! We totally have our eye on the same couch lol.