Monday, November 26, 2012


I am so proud of myself for being proactive in decorating for the holiday season this year. 
We usually wait to get a tree a couple weeks before Christmas and then I never want to take 
it down because I feel like I haven't enjoyed for long enough. So this year we bought a tree the day 
after Thanksgiving and I even had enough time on my break from work to make some ornaments. 

As I was shopping for more ornaments to decorate our tree…I found myself frustrated in 
not being able to find the color palettes I was searching for. So I decided I would just 
make the ornaments I had in mind. So I bought a variety of bulbs and glittery supplies. 

S U P P L Y  L I S T 

• Plain Bulbs
• Gold Acrylic Paint
• Pink Acrylic Paint
• Tacky Glue
• Glitter // Gold, Silver, Red, Copper
• Paint Brushes 
• Paper Bowls
• Hooks

For my smaller dots I just dipped the end of my brush in the paint and created perfect 
little polka dots. For the large dots I just painted them on by hand. Now they are not 
perfect circles...but I like the fact that they are a little irregular. If you want them more 
consistent, you can buy circular stickers and adhere them to the bulb and then spray the 
whole thing. Wait for it to dry then you can peel off the stickers to reveal clean polka dots. 

Color blocking is a quick way to add color. I diluted some tacky glue with a little bit of water and painted the bottom of the ornament and then quickly sprinkled glitter all over. If there were any bald spots…I just added a more glue with my brush and then dipped the ornament in the excess glitter.

For glittered dots you simply paint the polka dots with tacky glue diluted in 
some water and then sprinkle glitter over them while they are still wet. 

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  1. I totally agree, the ornament selection out there is lacking! But thank goodness for this fabulous idea, totally gonna try it.