Thursday, June 14, 2012


Our reception was also held at King Plow Arts Center. I liked the ease of every one of just 
transitioning from room to room. We got married in the same room we held the reception in 
and guests were moved to the gallery for a cocktail hour while they flipped the room. 
The design team did a fanatastic job at making my vision come to life.  

I never decided on a theme for our wedding... I guess it was nature themed, but that 
sounds weird. I started with a color palette and went from there. Overall everything was
 neutral with tans and warm ivories and pops of yellow, turquoise, and orange were added 
through flowers, paper goods and other decor. 

My favorite part of the decor were the organic centerpieces on the tables. Bold American
 killed it!  Great food and beautiful design. We had dinner buffet style so guests were able to
 eat as they pleased. Between saying hello to everyone, dancing, and cutting the cake... 
my wedding planner grabbed me and told me it was time to make our exit.  I felt like the 
party had just begun. We walked out through a tunnel of sparklers held up by our 
closest friends and family.  Then I rode off into the night with my husband.

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  1. Makes me want to do my whole wedding over again.

    Love the green chairs and topiary table numbers.

    Most importantly - what did you eat? Of course, thats what I really want to know...

  2. Bold American did the catering and they did a fantastic job. We did stations that included sushi, a raw bar, beef tenderloin with mac & cheese, and some asian fusion which featured this amazing snapper with chili sauce. After our food and wine tasting I was so excited to eat all that food at the wedding but unfortunately I was so busy that day I didn't even have time to eat!