Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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My boss recently told me about this French illustrator: Jean-Philippe Delhomme.

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I was instantly drawn to the unique color palette and the gouache-y illustration style.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012


So happy to see the weekend. I am eagerly awaiting my husband's return from his work trip. 
I feel like he has been gone F O R E V E R! Get back here already! This weekend is also my 
Dad's birthday so I will be off to spend some time with family. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's been a while since we have had a Favorite Thursday around here.
This one is all about oxfords, which I am having a moment with right now.
I cannot stop obsessing with all three pairs...with a cropped pair of pants 
and an over sized sweater. I mean…I would like that to be my uniform.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


No. This is not my house...that would be nice if it was. We bought our house four years ago 
and have been slowly doing some projects to make it our own. Our house was built in 1920 
and has been updated over the years.  2013 looks like it will be a big year for our home with 
some exciting projects coming down the line. 

I have always a great mix of textures...especially when wood is thrown into the mix. 
While, we do not have the budget to give our house reconstructive surgery...we can give 
it a little face lift. Our front porch was looking a little sad and a little broken...needless to say 
it has been on our list of things to do.

My amazingly talented husband is pretty handy and he started our front porch 
transformation last week. It instantly changed the curb appeal of our home. We chose a 
modern style wood slat design and I am eager to share some before and after photos. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Today is a very exciting day. The company I work for does a shopping event around the 
holidays where they give us a gift card and let us loose at Neiman Marcus. And of course 
because it is Neiman's I have the urge to splurge. Last year I bought this and I am obsessed 
with it and I use it everyday. Now, I am not planning on spending that much this year...
but I am thinking a nice pair of shoes is the next thing to add to the wardrobe.

B O O T I E S 

1. Rag & Bone Harrow Strappy Ankle Boot  >> <<  2. Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Ankle Boot

L O A F E R  P U M P S

P O I N T E D  P U M P S

5. Manolo Blahnik BB Bright Patent Pointed Pump  >><<  6. Jimmy Choo Mime Perforated Mirrored Leather Pump

Saturday, December 1, 2012


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Over Thanksgiving break I had some extra time off work and I was able to tackle one of my 
biggest projects...my digital portfolio. I only briefly had one in college and haven't 
updated it since! It just always seems like such a daunting project to begin. I haven't gotten 
around to photographing it yet but I did print out all of my stationery projects and made 
a list of the props I will need to shoot.

In my search to find the perfect props...here are some of the things I found.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I am so proud of myself for being proactive in decorating for the holiday season this year. 
We usually wait to get a tree a couple weeks before Christmas and then I never want to take 
it down because I feel like I haven't enjoyed for long enough. So this year we bought a tree the day 
after Thanksgiving and I even had enough time on my break from work to make some ornaments. 

As I was shopping for more ornaments to decorate our tree…I found myself frustrated in 
not being able to find the color palettes I was searching for. So I decided I would just 
make the ornaments I had in mind. So I bought a variety of bulbs and glittery supplies. 

S U P P L Y  L I S T 

• Plain Bulbs
• Gold Acrylic Paint
• Pink Acrylic Paint
• Tacky Glue
• Glitter // Gold, Silver, Red, Copper
• Paint Brushes 
• Paper Bowls
• Hooks

For my smaller dots I just dipped the end of my brush in the paint and created perfect 
little polka dots. For the large dots I just painted them on by hand. Now they are not 
perfect circles...but I like the fact that they are a little irregular. If you want them more 
consistent, you can buy circular stickers and adhere them to the bulb and then spray the 
whole thing. Wait for it to dry then you can peel off the stickers to reveal clean polka dots. 

Color blocking is a quick way to add color. I diluted some tacky glue with a little bit of water and painted the bottom of the ornament and then quickly sprinkled glitter all over. If there were any bald spots…I just added a more glue with my brush and then dipped the ornament in the excess glitter.

For glittered dots you simply paint the polka dots with tacky glue diluted in 
some water and then sprinkle glitter over them while they are still wet. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


This past month at work has been so busy that I have to keep reminding myself that 
it is November.Where the heck did this year go? Due to my last month at work being 
so crazy I have not had the time to keep up with posting. Lucky my schedule at work 
has changed and I am really hoping it gives me more time to work on the blog and 
work on some personal projects. Some of these projects I have wanted to do for years
 and I always put other things first.

Here's to trying to make something happen.

photo by the ware.house

Monday, October 22, 2012



I've just felt stuck today...I wouldn't mind having this bed to lay in. 
In love with the headboard.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Two weeks ago I was introduced to Annie Clark by way of the 
David Byrne + St. Vincent show. Immediately I was blown away by her voice 
and then I noticed her shoes...this chick has killer style. 

I loved her pairing of a structured dress and playful booties so I put together a lust + must.


M U S T 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Discovered Anna Duthie Textiles and I am crushing on her work. She has an excellent 
eye for color and texture. Those hand cut collages hit the spot for my creative cravings. 

Anna's sensibility for patterns is insane. Seeing work like this really reminds that 
I need to design more off the computer and use my hands a little bit.

So inspiring. Check out her portfolio here.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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Pleasantly surprised when I received the  October Free People catalog in the mail this week. 
Really digging these causal look. That fringed sweatshirt is a must-have!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Extremely fond of this branding for El Montero, a restaurant in Saltillo Coahuila 
near the north Mexican boarder. Really dying over the golden foxes on the matte black.

Friday, October 5, 2012


This weekend we are jetting off to Oklahoma City for a friends wedding. This bride is 
going to throw one hell of a wedding and I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle. 
We will also be celebrating a friends birthday while we are out there so the weekend is 
packed with festivities!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Saint Laurent's Spring 2013 collection is absolutely to die for. 

Really loving the glamourous maxi dresses and 
the cropped pants paired with a big-bowed blouse

I not stop staring at these looks. I would love to have every piece in my closet 
but since I do not have the cash-flow...I will be finding a way to recreate these 
looks with my own wardrobe.


October is one of my favorite months of the year. 
There are a couple things I would like to accomplish within the next 31 days...

plan my portfolio | draw/create more | bake a pumpkin everything

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Big fan of the toothpick silhouette.
That color purple is pretty awesome too.

02  //  J.Crew Necklace
Very fond of this blue color.

Discovered this color-blocked clutch this week...
the best part is that it is super affordable.

These champagne flutes are perfect for 
the upcoming holiday season.

Love the color palette.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Since I have jumped into the corporate world as a graphic designer...I sometimes feel that 
I am losing my own style. At work I am looking through a brand filter all day long and often 
feel the need to want to explore different colors, shapes and fonts. Originally, that is why I 
started this blog...to give myself a place to create whatever was inspiring at the moment. 
I think due to lack of free time to really explore, I lost my intentions. 

With that said, I am going to try and create something once a week and post it here. 
Let's see how it goes...

patterns by the ware.house

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Looking forward towards a shift in the weather and the chance switch up the wardrobe. 
In effort to try and shop smarter, I put together a mood board to focus on the key pieces 
I am missing from my closet.

01  //  Staple natural dresses that can be dressed up or down.

02  //  Leather jacket

03  //  Glitzy jewels with simple tees

04  //  Sweaters and maxi skirts

05  //  Sexy heels with front-tucked button downs

06  //  Coated denim with simple layering

Monday, September 24, 2012


As we have been trying to define the style of our home, I have been leaning towards
 with neutral basics and pops of color brought in by accessories. This home makes me
want to hop in car and grab a bucket of yellow paint...always fond of an accent wall.

I love the backyard and the use of circles throughout the home.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Missed favorite thursday last week, but here are the things I am craving this week.

Seriously love these. Currently trying to find a way to make them mine.

The perfect color combinations for fall.

Great silhouette and the color is amazing.

FWNY // 02

Prints + Sequins

Cropped printed pants + Tassel necklaces 

Yellow + Cropped jackets & shorts + Golden loafers

Graphic + Bold + Printed Maxi Dress [ L O V E ]

Color palette + Prints + Silhouettes

A little late on posting this but...better late than never!